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Now, it gets personal

You can’t see it because I took a screen shot before I made my own post on this, but as soon as i read the context of this update I thought “this is Gold” and that’s what I wrote.  This is a perfect example of facebook serving more then just place for brief, no committing, encounters to keep up to date on highschool friends and old relationships but an open window in someone’s life, those whom would shy away from certain kinds of confrontation or normally keep their thoughts to their self while among the general public seem to have no problem and at what could be interpreted as gratification by posting bold, controversial, responses. Why is this? probably because in real life when you say something to someone (especially a friend)  you can’t just walk away and brush it off, you need to stand your ground.  But the net makes things so impersonal, it’s as if they were typing a paper or writing a note. I think Jon Ippolito put it nicely when refuring to the architecture of Facebook, we treat it like any other webpage that we can just throw something up then walk away with absolutely no disruption in ones day, the differences is what you throw up there isn’t being seen by a bunch of random people who have no idea who you are and probably never will. It is your friends, family, bosses, employees anyone you feel compelled to befriend simply because you happened to know one another at one point.

Anyway I’m rambling. The script if this weeks inspiration should be up sometime today/tonight. Filming starts tomorrow. Video should be up by Monday or Tuesday. Make sure pay special attention to the contributors to both the initial update and this weeks actors.  To read more on the topic of Social Networks and personal privacy check out this article by Elizabeth Bernstein entitled: HOW FACEBOOK CAN RUIN YOUR FRIENDSHIPS


Museum of Modern Tweets

Someone once said, good artist borrow, great artist steal. I don’t know who else out there shares this sentiment, but I for one am a true believer. Imitation is the highest form of flattery is it not? Well like all great artist out there I was stealing before I even knew it. As you all know this project steals dialogue from people’s facebook conversation and transforms it into a creative, engaging, and totally messed up interpretation. And as it turns out I’m not the only one. Turns out artist Odessa Begay had a similar concept, the differences hers where confirmed to 140 characters and are in the form of what I believe are Illustrator, um, ah illustrations? Why not, the point is they are brilliant and completely hilarious, like her image of our favorite cook, and money launderer Martha Stewart eating a heaping pile of spaghetti off the stomach of Chazz Palminteri over her Twitter post stating “the bowl of freshly grated reggiano Parmesan cheese – we boiled the pasta in salted water, put it on a giant platt..”

(c)Odessa Begay

Yet another example of someone taking seeming meaningless content and turn it into something creative. I suggest everyone take a look at this site.


The dialogue

screenshot Feb 10 2010